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Fostering Social Intelligence: 5 Puzzle Activities for Kids' 'People Skill' Development

Fostering Social Intelligence: 5 Puzzle Activities for Kids' 'People Skill' Development

Do you want to empower your kids to build strong relationships, effectively work in groups, and initiate and maintain friendships effortlessly? If you answered yes, which you surely did (because every parent wishes the same for their children,)  then you need to focus on developing your kids’ people skills and enhancing their social intelligence. And this blog post will help you achieve these goals in a simple yet effective way.

What is Social Intelligence? 

Social intelligence is a person’s ability to know oneself and know others. It’s about how well a person interacts with others. 

What are People Skills? 

The people skills are the tools you need to be able to [effectively] communicate and interact with others…(Upskilled)

Here are the five ways you can develop your kids' people skills and make them more socially intelligent:


Self-confidence and self-esteem make social interactions more pleasant and enjoyable for kids. 

Self-confidence enables a child to overcome the fear of making a wrong impression and embrace his full potential. When kids' confidence level is high, they are more likely to engage in conversations. 

Self-esteem is the source of self-confidence and self-worth. It has a close relationship with a kid’s social skills. The higher the self-esteem (i.e. the more valued he a kid feels during interactions), the more he will enjoy his social skills. 

The Zee-Zee’s World’s self-love puzzle for boys and girls will help you teach your kids to value themselves and their unique abilities — so that they can develop confidence and self-esteem. 

Zee-Zee’s World Kids Self Love Conversation Jigsaw Puzzle, (Shop Now)


Social intelligence comes from everyday experience with people. The success and failures in social settings teach valuable lessons that enhance a kid’s interpersonal effectiveness.  So, once you have raised the confidence level of your child, the next phase is to encourage social interaction and communication. 

You can easily initiate and maintain conversations with most children, but some find social interactions frustrating and confusing. This may be due to Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder/disability that impacts a child’s social skills, and communication….(HealthChildren.Org) 


The challenges/problems caused by ASD can range from mild to severe — and in between  [And some level of support is required in all areas]. (WebMD

Our autism conversation puzzle can be very helpful for parents and caregivers of kids with ASD. It can help you effortlessly start conversations and truly connect with your little friends. 

Zee-Zee’s World Autism Conversation Jigsaw Puzzle, (Shop Now)


In order to nurture a socially intelligent mindset, kids should be taught about tolerance at a very early age. They should be able to understand and accept the differences they see in others. These skills will enable them to initiate and maintain positive relationships with others and achieve personal growth. 

Our ‘we matter conversation jigsaw puzzle’ will help you give your kids a sense of tolerance and acceptance. 

Zee-Zee’s World ‘We Matter’ Equality Conversation Puzzle, (Shop Now)


Empathy is one of the most important things that kids should learn about socializing. It helps them understand what others are feeling — and that is at the heart of building strong relationships. Moreover, parents and teachers should develop compassion in kids so that they may maintain a positive attitude and have a desire to help others. 

If you want to start conversations about empathy and compassion with your kids, look no further than our perfectly perfect conversation puzzle. 

Zee-Zee’s World Empathy and Compassion Conversation Puzzle, (Shop Now)


Teaching kids the value, power, and beauty of unity and togetherness is important because it will give them a reason to form healthy relationships with other kids. They should also have a sense of equality and inclusiveness because it can improve their socialization behavior.

What a better way than our ‘stronger together’ jigsaw puzzle to start conversations about unity and togetherness, with your kids. 

Zee-Zee’s World Stronger Together Jigsaw Puzzle, (Shop Now)

 If you want to know how our puzzles can help you tackle such complex topics with kids, read our blog post: Learning Tool Puzzles

Please share your experience in the comment section. We would love to hear from you! And keep visiting the Zee-Zee’s World blog for more exciting content about helping your kids grow!

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