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Zee-Zee’s World provides learning tool puzzles that enable parents and educators to tackle complex topics with children through conversations that impact their world.  At Zee-Zee’s World, we understand the importance of tackling tough conversations with children and recognize that some concepts are challenging to communicate.  Our engaging puzzles were designed with this end in mind and introduce a range of topics including bullying, strangers, divorce, racism, disabilities etc. at a level that can be absorbed by children ages 2-12.  Each puzzle is accompanied by a connection card explaining the puzzle for the parent/ guardian or educator.  These cards provide guidance to aid the discussion and help make the connection. 

My Story

My name is Tomika Long and I am a dedicated mother, wife, professional and advocate with experience ranging from criminal justice, children with disabilities, Lean Six Sigma methodology, customer experience and education.  The toughest job I have is being a mother of 7.  My children are my passion and the inspiration behind everything that drives me.  I am committed to my children and helping others through my experience as a parent.   Throughout my years parenting, the biggest challenge I faced was how to approach difficult conversations with my children in a way that keeps them engaged and ensures the message is not lost in translation.  I have tried many different strategies and approaches over the years and with the continuous evolution of technology and social media I find that the importance of these conversations and providing a safe space for children to engage in these discussions is increasingly important. 


At Zee Zee’s World, we help your children grasp difficult social issues and themes by simplifying them in fun, interactive ways they understand and love. We create learning tools that combine the power of play with the visual art of puzzles to help them develop an easier understanding of issues that might affect them at home, at school, within the communities they live in, and the world at large so that they can be better enlightened and empowered to identify and discuss these issues when directly/indirectly affected"


"To pioneer social consciousness in children at an early age and create educational tools that empower parents and educators to raise children with humane values"


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