Difficult Conversation Between Parents And Children

Difficult Conversation Between Parents And Children

Breaking the news of the passing of a close family member or explaining why it doesn’t matter what color skin a person has; parents often have to have difficult conversations with their children.

Sometimes, you may not know how to bring up the topic. Other times, it may be confusing how to find words that children can understand. You might even feel like somehow avoiding the talk altogether.

But children can sense when something is up.

Having these conversations is important in helping them understand what they are dealing with. 

The unprecedented coronavirus situation is one of those difficult conversations parents must have with their children.

COVID-19: The New Normal

The pandemic has changed our lives completely. It may be like this for a while. Even if the situation gets better, things might not be going back to what we consider normalcy.

This is a lot to take in for anyone, but children are probably the most affected mentally. They can’t really grasp why they haven’t visited grandma and grandpa in a while or why their school is now in front of a computer screen.

But how do you explain to a 5-year-old that the world is going through a ‘pandemic’? 

No matter how hard it seems, letting your children know what’s going on is probably the best choice — both for the sake of their emotional and physical well-being. 


Social Distancing and Hygiene

With COVID-19, there is an air of uncertainty around almost everything. Schools opening and then closing soon afterward, children are naturally very confused.

However, it is necessary to make sure that your kids know why they have to practice these hectic safety measures that they are not used to when stepping out of the house:

  • Wear a mask at all times 
  • Keep washing your hands regularly
  • Great one another from afar
  • Do not share your lunch with friends

Sit the kids down. Let them know what’s going on, why it’s necessary to follow social distancing, and how things are going to be different.

You will find them much more receptive to the idea once they understand.


Puzzles To Solve Puzzling Situations

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could play a fun game to help your children understand life in the pandemic?

Zee-Zee’s World does exactly that with interactive puzzles! 

Completing each piece one by one creates a relatable picture in every puzzle and lets you ease into a difficult conversation.

So, whether it is social distancing or not being able to meet their grandparents, talking to your child has never been easier! 

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