Learning Tool Puzzles with diverse topics that help Children to learn

Learning Tool Puzzles with diverse topics that help Children to learn

From our early childhood to adulthood, we always prefer to play with puzzles. We like how they test our thought and exercise our brains. Puzzles are also an effective developmental opportunity for kids and young children, offering a wide variety of abilities and cognitive development advantages and opportunities.

Keeping this in the account, Zee-Zee’s World introduces the learning puzzles for kids which will be beneficial for schools, educators, and of course for parents. The diverse variety of puzzles make Zee-Zee’s World unique among all.

Puzzles come with connecting cards that can initiate a dialogue between the child and the parent or could be an educator to help the child create a puzzle connection. Zee-Zee’s World acknowledges the value of tackling uncomfortable interactions with children and accepts that certain ideas are difficult to express. Our interactive puzzles were designed with this in mind and incorporated a variety of subjects, including abuse, strangers, divorce, bullying, autism, etc., at a pace that can be absorbed by children 2-12 years of age.

Benefits of Zee-Zee’s World Puzzles


Following are some highlighted benefits of Zee-Zee’s World puzzles which are very important in early childhood development:

  • Cognitive Skills

Zee-Zee’s World Puzzles come with several themes and concepts. It enhances children's unique visual perception and develops a greater comprehension of these concepts and themes. Some children learn differently and puzzles can be their medium for learning such themes.

  • Problem Solving

Completing the Zee-Zee’s World Puzzle, even the easiest of puzzles sets a single target to be accomplished. Kids and children need to consider and build ideas on how to approach this goal. This method includes problem-solving, reasoning skills, and creating ideas that can be then applied to their personal/adult life.

  • Fine Motor Development

Zee-Zee’s World Puzzles are a fun way for kids to grow and refine their fine motor skills. When engaging and playing with these puzzles, children are expected to pick up, pinch, and catch the pieces and move them around, maneuver them, sort them and fit them in the right positions.

  • Hand and Eye Coordination

Playing with Zee-Zee’s World puzzles requires a trial and error process that includes a lot of hands and eye manipulation. For instance, when a kid or child puts a piece of a puzzle that doesn't suit, they'll try all over again where their acts include seeing what they see.

  • Social Skills

Zee-Zee’s World Puzzles are a perfect instructional opportunity to improve and encourage cooperative play. When children work together to complete a puzzle, they explore where the piece can go and why, take turns and share and help each other while coping with frustration, and then share the excitement of completing the puzzle.

  • Self-Esteem

Achieving a target gives so much joy to the kid in solving Zee-Zee’s World puzzles. Overcoming the difficulties inherent in solving the Zee-Zee’s World Puzzle gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride within themselves. It offers a lift to their self-confidence and self-esteem as it trains them for other obstacles in life.

Puzzles are a fun instructional way that tests young minds, teaches and trains them for certain very critical life skills early in life.


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